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Myths & Realities

When considering whether or not to seek out a mentor, there are several questions that may come to mind. 

You probably know someone who has benefited from this type of support, but what can YOU expect from the program?

Here is a basic overview of what Réseau Mentorat membership involves:

  • It starts with pairing you with a mentor, based on your respective affinities, your own needs and your prospective mentor’s entrepreneurial background. If the match doesn’t prove to be a good fit, you can ask to be paired with someone else.
  • Your mentor will not work in the same sector as you do. This helps avoid potential conflicts of interest and keeps you from falling into the trap of concentrating on the “micro” instead of the “macro” side of your business. Remember: your mentor isn’t there to give you hands-on tips or show you how to run your company – they’re there to help you see beyond the trees and envision the entire forest!
  • Developing a relationship with a mentor takes trust, respect… and time. If you have a major dilemma and/or a time crunch to contend with, you should consider other more suitable solutions focusing on in-depth expertise, a detailed action plan and short-term results.
  • Mentorship can be beneficial to all entrepreneurs, regardless of age. You might think that the more mature an entrepreneur is, the less they need a mentor. But you would be wrong! In fact, there are plenty of experienced entrepreneurs who have decided to work with a Réseau Mentorat mentor – business owners looking to pass their company down to the next generation, for example. Not only is this type of situation brand-new to them, the stakes are high in terms of individual relationships and communication issues. The support of a mentor in a scenario of this nature can make an enormous difference.
  • Should you opt for a mentor who is still active in the business world (better attuned to the latest trends) or a retired entrepreneur (more available)? There are no hard and fast rules to follow – either formula can work, and work well. The important thing is to find someone you connect with – someone who shares your vision and values.



Ça va super bien mes affaires... J'ai pas besoin d'un mentor!

Je sais où je veux aller... J'ai pas le temps de prendre un mentor!

Mon mentor me donne accès à son réseau de contacts et du financement (Non!!)