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Benefits for mentees


  • 93% of mentees recommend Réseau Mentorat’s mentorship program to other entrepreneurs. (July 2016 data)
  • According to international sources, 70% of mentored small business owners make it past the critical five-year mark (twice as many as their non-mentored peers).
  • Réseau Mentorat’s volunteer mentors have a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to offer to empower their mentees to go the extra mile – and to do it faster, with fewer mistakes along the way! 
  • Mentorship through Réseau Mentorat is a great way to enhance critical insight and problem-solving, fine-tune negotiation and communication skills, conquer isolation, and find the right support and encouragement to reach new heights.
  • Réseau Mentorat mentors have access to powerful tools to hone their own skills so they can provide the best possible level of support, including an accreditation program, training, joint development with their peers and access to best practices from hundreds of mentors in the network.
  • The relationship involves a mentor who believes in the importance of respect, listening and sharing. The mentoring framework is designed in a way to protect the confidentiality of your interactions and avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Réseau Mentorat is officially recognized by the governments of Quebec and Canada as the province’s most extensive mentoring network for entrepreneurs, with connections to other French-speaking markets around the world.
  • Mentoring also opens up additional networking opportunities, both within Réseau Mentorat and in the broader business community.