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Réseau Mentorat

We salute the vision and passion of entrepreneur extraordinaire Paul-Arthur Fortin, who in 1980 spearheaded a movement of social change when he laid the groundwork for the organization that was to become the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship (FDE). The FDE has since introduced a wealth of initiatives designed to stimulate entrepreneurial culture in Quebec, not the least of which is Réseau Mentorat. Behind each and every of these endeavours has been a steadfast pledge to empower the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. The FDE is proud to leverage its formidable resources to foster the ongoing development of Réseau Mentorat.


Réseau Mentorat: Driving entrepreneurial success since 2000

The FDE was established in 1980, with the first mentoring services for entrepreneurs offered in 2000. In 2010, these services evolved into Réseau M, a community of interest focusing on entrepreneur mentoring. The network is currently active throughout Quebec and elsewhere in the French-speaking world.

At Réseau Mentorat, our goal is to make a real difference in the lives of the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. We give them the tools they need to make better decisions and take a step back to see the “big picture.” Through our mentorship program, they can benefit from the insight of passionate business leaders who generously share both their successes and their missteps. As a result, our mentees can take their business to new heights and grow – right here at home and internationally. We are committed to partnering with our entrepreneurs to foster their prosperity at every step of their development. Réseau M is rebranded Réseau Mentorat in 2020.

Réseau Mentorat is poised to become the world’s largest community dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurial success.

Now more than ever, Réseau Mentorat put its extensive resources to work to build a strong community and implement a full array of tools and programs designed to help entrepreneurs aim higher and reach their destination faster.


Mentoring: A history

The story of Mentor dates back to Homer’s Odyssey, written around the end of the 8th century BCE.

When Odysseus (also known by the Latin name Ulysses), the king of Ithaca, left his homeland to fight the Trojans, he asked his friend Mentor to watch over his household and oversee the education and guidance of his son, Telemachus. After the end of the Trojan War, Odysseus was forced to wander the seas for 10 years on his journey home. Upon reaching adulthood, Telemachus decided to venture out in search of his errant father. To help him, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, war and the arts, took on the appearance and voice of Mentor to accompany him on his quest.

The word “mentor” therefore came to be used to refer to a trusted advisor, guide and a person of wisdom.