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Looking for a challenge, inspiration and guidance for your business?

Then group entrepreneur mentoring may be right for you!

Imagine a place where you can talk openly and candidly about your experience as an entrepreneur. About your challenges, your dreams, your opportunities and the questions spinning around in your head. All this and much more is available through Réseau Mentorat entrepreneur mentoring group meetings (exclusively in Laval and Montréal for the moment).


Group mentoring is...

  • A dozen or so mentor-led meetings with a cohort of eight to ten entrepreneurs who are facing challenges similar to your own and who have the same questions as to how to move forward with their venture.
  • Stimulating monthly meetings where you can talk about a wide range of topics and develop your full entrepreneurship potential.
  • The chance to tap into the expertise of someone who has “been there” and can share their missteps as well as their secrets for success.
  • The opportunity to hone your entrepreneurial instincts and build your confidence so you can make better decisions.
  • A new network of entrepreneurs operating in sectors that are not competitive to your own.



  • Your business must have already closed, or be on the verge of closing, some deals
  • You must be available to attend group meetings


How does it work?

  • Three-hour monthly meetings with two mentors who have hands-on business experience and who are trained mentors and meeting facilitators.
  • An initial full-group meeting to get to know your mentors and fellow mentees, familiarize yourself with the basics of group mentoring, introduce yourself to your cohort and describe the challenges you are facing.
  • A series of eight to nine meetings will then follow where you can continue to talk about the issues that are important to you – your obstacles, your doubts, your outlook, etc. – and hold discussions about a specific topic you choose as a group. Each meeting topic will focus on fulfilling your entrepreneurial potential (examples include leadership, team building and passion/vision).
  • A private Facebook group will let you interact with your cohort and forge ties with the other mentees.
  • Group mentoring is complementary to individual mentoring.







Interested in joining one of our mentoring cohorts?

Group mentoring is currently offered in a few areas for the moment.

Contact your point of service for more information.



Group mentoring is complementary to individual mentoring. In every way.

“I’ve discovered that group mentoring allows me to take my passion to the next level. The meetings are very rewarding. We share things that work, things we’re proud of and things we worry about. We’re like a family! 

Even more valuable, we get to learn directly from the experience of other mentors.”

Elfi Maldonado, Chocolats Qantu

Réseau M Montréal