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Group Mentoring

Need to be challenged, inspired and guided in business?

Live the experience of group mentoring for entrepreneurs!

The best of co-development, communities of practice, and business clubs.



Réseau Mentorat

5 Ways Group Mentoring Can Help You

Access a new network

Benchmark your practices, without judgment



Benefit from a source of mutual support

See yourself through your peers’ eyes

Harness a source of collective intelligence

Je m'inscris

Group mentoring is complementary to individual mentoring.

“With group mentoring, I'm realizing that I can take my passion further. The sessions are extremely rewarding. We share all our successes, what we’re proud of, and what we worry about... we’re a family!

More importantly, we have the huge benefit of having direct access to a mentors’ experience.”

Elfi Maldonado, Chocolats Qantu

Réseau Mentorat Montréal

A different experience...

Group mentoring with Réseau Mentorat is...

6 to 8 meetings facilitated by mentors, approximately once per month (online or in person).

A cohort of 4 to 10 entrepreneurs, from non-competing companies, with similar questions, challenges, and stages of development.

Enlightening monthly meetings to discuss several topics and achieve your full potential as an entrepreneur.

A chance to learn from the errors and successes of mentors who “have been through it all” before you.

Every meeting is unique and addresses the current concerns and needs of the whole group. 

Find the group that will make you grow.

Thrive as an entrepreneur with group mentoring.

Group mentoring is beneficial for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, no matter your age, industry, company type, or stage of development.  

Contact the person in charge of your local point of service to see if group mentoring is provided near you. 

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