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Mentors and mentorship

Entrepreneur mentoring with Réseau Mentorat

At Réseau Mentorat, entrepreneur mentoring focuses on the entrepreneur rather than the enterprise. It deals with the macro level of business as opposed to the micro level. The program helps individuals acquire the soft skills necessary to excel as an entrepreneur. The mentor-mentee relationship is strictly confidential and free of any judgment or conflicts of interest. The Réseau Mentorat framework is underpinned by a code of ethics, a confidentiality agreement, operating rules and learning tools designed to facilitate the entrepreneur mentoring process every step of the way.

Not only does mentoring help foster mentees’ entrepreneurial development, it gives them a broader sense of perspective so they can assess their options with greater clarity and make more insightful decisions.

It is important to distinguish between what a mentor brings to the table and the roles played by other similar stakeholders.


Who are our mentees?

Our mentees are entrepreneurs who have started up and are currently running a business, no matter what the sector or stage of development (startup, consolidation, international growth, takeover/transfer of ownership). The program helps them become more confident, mature and well-rounded entrepreneurs.


Telling results

93% of mentees would recommend Réseau Mentorat’s mentoring program to other entrepreneurs (July 2016 figures).