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What is Réseau Mentorat?

What is Réseau Mentorat?

Réseau Mentorat helps entrepreneurs reach their full potential through mentorship. We collaborate with partners to facilitate lasting support-based relationships based on active listening and sharing, throughout Québec and the French-speaking world. We believe that business growth takes place through the wellbeing and self-actualization of leaders. Through the practice of mentorship, entrepreneurs can find the support they need to live fulfilling lives and contribute to the economic prosperity of their region. 


Our mission:

To help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through mentoring. 


Our vision:

Be a world-class authority in entrepreneur mentoring and an essential economic development tool.


Core values:

  • Listening (Benevolent, confidential, respectful)
  • Commitment (dedication, integrity, collaboration)
  • Inspiration (leadership, support, sharing)
  • Ambition (dynamism, progress, innovation, daring)


Our Strategic Action Plan 2022 > 2025

> Download the 2022-2025 strategic planning leaflet.


An established network:

  • An entrepreneurial network 4,000 members strong in Canada and France
  • Low-cost program open to entrepreneurs at every business stage and in every sector
  • Strong central and local governance framework based in Quebec
  • Backed by the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship.


Governance (Québec)

Réseau Mentorat is led by a national council and regional councils, in collaboration with local representatives from various regions of Quebec. We favour an inclusive approach to all stakeholders impacted by entrepreneurship. Regional mentorship councils are made up of mentors and a representative of the Fondation de l'entrepreneurship (FDE), along with, in some cases, representatives of public- or private-sector organizations. The regional councils themselves are composed of representatives of local points of service and mentorship cells.

Several committees explore also various operational and developmental aspects of Réseau Mentorat. These committees comprise mentors, coordinators and a team member of the FDE.

In 2017–2018, the Mentoring Committee was set up to ensure Réseau Mentorat was represented in the governance of the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship. Made up of six members, tree mentors and three ex-mentees, its purpose is to advise the Foundation, its Board of Directors and its administration on issues of importance to Réseau Mentorat. It also contributes to discussions around strategic issues in collaboration with the team, suggests improvements and possible solutions, identifies the needs of the Réseau and ensures the coherence of actions under strategic planning.