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Who can be a mentee

Réseau Mentorat mentoring is aimed primarily at entrepreneurs rather than the businesses they run. This is an important distinction. Through mentoring, experienced entrepreneurs (volunteer mentors) share their business expertise and knowledge of key soft skills with a mentored entrepreneur (or intrapreneur).


Who can become a mentee?

Réseau Mentorat’s mentoring program is for entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their abilities, no matter what their sphere of activity or phase of development (startup, international growth, takeover, transfer of ownership, etc.).


How can an entrepreneur become a mentee?

Mentee applicants are immediately referred to the mentorship group/cell and coordinator in their region.

Before they are paired with a mentor (a structure we refer to as a “dyad”), the mentorship group will review their application to determine:

  • Are they ready for the mentoring program?
  • Is there a suitable mentor available to create a successful dyad?

At this stage, the cell’s role is somewhat akin to that of a matchmaker – a mentorship dating agency, if you will. The idea is to evaluate applicants and understand what makes them tick. They then take this information and determine which mentors and mentees would make a good fit.


The process goes like this:

  • You, as a future mentee, will fill out the application form and pay the membership fees on the Réseau Mentorat website.
  • You will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.
  • A representative of the mentorship group/cell or the coordinator will make an appointment with you to go over your application and determine whether you are a suitable candidate for entrepreneur mentoring.
  • Once your application has been reviewed and approved, the coordinator for your administrative region will assign a mentor to you.
  • You will then contact your mentor by phone and set up an initial meeting.
  • If you have the right “chemistry,” the dyad will be formally activated.


How long does a dyad stay active?

The average mentor-mentee relationship lasts two years, but the two of you may decide to make it shorter or longer, depending on your needs and your mentor’s availability.


How much does it cost?

To enroll in the entrepreneur mentoring program, you need to pay your annual Réseau Mentorat membership fees ($100) and any administrative fees applicable to your point of service or regional cell (click here to determine your local point of service).

Important : Payment terms may vary from a point of services to another. For example, many points of services wont charge you the fees while you subscribe on this web site (online subscription is mandatory).  In these cases, you will be invoiced directly by your point of services, upon their payment terms (e.g. annual invoice, monthly payment, etc.).


Time is money!

Mentees not only make a financial investment in the program – they also make a personal one. They must undertake a serious commitment to the relationship and place their trust in their mentor. Similarly, mentors must pledge to collaborate to the best of their ability, based on their level of knowledge and experience.


More questions?

Have a look at our FAQ here.

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