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What is entrepreneur mentoring?

Entrepreneur mentoring is an open, supportive, one-on-one relationship rooted in mutual trust and respect. Through it, veteran entrepreneurs can share their experience with mentees to help them fine-tune the soft skills they need to get ahead in the business world. Not only does mentoring foster mentees’ entrepreneurial development, it gives them a broader sense of perspective so they can assess their options with greater clarity and make more insightful decisions.


The business of being an entrepreneur

Mentorship is about focusing on the human being at the head of a company. Mentored entrepreneurs can concentrate on acquiring the soft skills they need to excel. The mentor-mentee relationship is strictly confidential and free of any judgment or conflicts of interest – the ideal conditions to grow and thrive. The Réseau Mentorat framework is underpinned by a code of ethics, a confidentiality agreement, operating rules and learning tools designed to facilitate the entrepreneur mentoring process every step of the way.

It is important to distinguish between what a mentor brings to the table and the roles played by other similar stakeholders.


Who are our mentors?

Our mentors are accomplished entrepreneurs who have “been there.” They are accredited through the Réseau M program and volunteer their mentoring services on a regular basis for up to two years. They come from all sectors and walks of life and work with business owners at any stage (startup, development, growth/export, takeover/transfer of ownership). Réseau Mentorat also has mentors from a social or cooperative entrepreneurship background who have been specially trained to work with up-and-coming entrepreneurs in this sector.


“It’s a common dilemma for entrepreneurs: our heads are constantly swimming with ideas. Every time I see my mentor, he zeroes in on the questions I don’t want to ask – but really should. His input has helped me become a stronger, more assertive person.”

Isabelle Limoges, entrepreneur and Réseau Mentorat mentee.



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