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Mentoring for Social Economy


Are you an executive manager of a cooperative or non-profit organization?

Are you looking for help getting a fresh perspective and facing the realities of your type of organization? This service is for you.

General managers of social economy companies not only encounter challenges common to all growing companies: they also face a specific challenge due to their shared power with different stakeholders, and more specifically, the board of directors under whom they work.  Réseau Mentorat is proud to offer mentoring specifically for entrepreneurs who are directors of companies in this field.

Mentoring in the Social Economy

Give yourself everything you need to succeed

Take advantage of attentive, impartial listeners to evaluate your ideas.

Develop your interpersonal skills to better manage your stakeholders.

Improve your decision-making and gain confidence.

Find a work-life balance.

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Mentorship can help you:

Work on your entrepreneurial skills

Harmonize your company’s business objectives and social impact

Take a step back to make the right choices

Reconcile the responsibilities and expectations people have of you

Break through isolation

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Build your resilience. Boost your impact.

When you sign up, you will benefit from the guidance of a volunteer mentor with experience in the management and development of co-op or associative companies.  

Mentors from Réseau Mentorat are bound by a code of ethics that requires total confidentiality. In addition, they receive relevant training and enrich their mentoring practices by sharing their experience with other mentors from their group.

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Are you a member of the Caisse d’Économie Solidaire?

Did you know that the Caisse d’Économie Solidaire reimburses one year of mentoring?

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