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Payment Conditions

Réseau Mentorat Membership

Réseau Mentorat mentees receiving one-on-one mentoring will be charged national membership fees as well as a local service fee. These are payable online or at a point of service. In-person payments are subject to the policies and conditions specific to the service location.

Professionals who take part in the group mentorship program are required to pay local service fees only. These may be paid online in one lump sum or at the individual’s service location, as outlined in the applicable payment policy.

For questions about Réseau Mentorat membership, please contact us at

Payment Methods

You have two possible payment options for your mentorship fees, depending on your point of service. Check the list to find the location nearest you and ask the coordinator about accepted payment methods.

  • Online payment

On the website, you may pay any amounts due by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) through PayPal. Cheques and money orders are not accepted. Fees must be paid according to the payment procedure laid out in the registration process. The user agrees to assume the total cost and corresponding expenses of the product or service purchased, including taxes (wherever applicable). Réseau Mentorat reserves the right to change prices after advising the user. The user is solely and fully responsible for the actual payment of the purchased product or service and for the corresponding banking transaction. Réseau Mentorat will not be liable for any payment issues related to the e-commerce service.

  • Payment at point of service

Transactions can be processed at your point of service in accordance with applicable payment policies and conditions. The amount charged will include local service fees and Réseau Mentorat’s national membership fees. The point of service may change the price after advising the user. Réseau Mentorat will not be liable for any payment issues related to the point of service.



You may request a refund for your membership fees from Réseau Mentorat or one of its partners in the following circumstances:

1. Your application has been reviewed and denied.

If your application to the entrepreneur mentoring program is determined to be ineligible, Réseau Mentorat (Fondation de l’entrepreneurship) agrees to issue a full refund of the fees paid within 30 days of the date of refusal. If the initial payment was made directly to a point of service, the point of service is responsible for issuing the refund.

To request a refund, please email

2. You are dissatisfied with the entrepreneur mentoring service and wish to cancel, no later than 90 days following the formation of your mentor-mentee dyad.

If you are not satisfied with the mentor-mentee relationship, you may ask your local coordinator to arrange a new mentor.

No refunds will be issued after three months. Mentees are nevertheless able and encouraged to take full advantage of their membership and access to the platform for the rest of the year.