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Mentor involvement

Réseau Mentorat mentors can also get involved in many different ways in their community and within the Réseau Mentorat network. They can serve as workshop leaders or play a part in the governance structure, depending on their availability and areas of interest.


Réseau Mentorat governance (Quebec)

Réseau Mentorat is led by a national council and its regional councils, in collaboration with local representatives from the various regions of Quebec. We favour an inclusive approach to all stakeholders impacted by entrepreneurship. Regional mentorship councils are made up of mentors and a representative of the Réseau Mentorat, along with, in some cases, representatives of public- or private-sector organizations. The regional councils themselves are composed of representatives of local points of service and mentorship cells.

The national council has formed several subcommittees to explore various operational and developmental aspects of Réseau Mentorat. These subcommittees comprise a delegated official who sits on the national council, as well as mentors, coordinators and team members of the Réseau Mentorat.


Workshop lecturer

Réseau Mentorat workshop lecturers are mentors who have received the requisite training and support to serve in this capacity. They are carefully picked by Réseau Mentorat based on a rigorous set of selection criteria:

  • Be an accredited Réseau Mentorat mentor
  • Subscribe to Réseau Mentorat’s mentorship philosophy
  • Agree to actively promote Réseau Mentorat
  • Have previous experience in leading seminars and workshops (an asset)
  • Commit to facilitating three basic workshops
  • Be available to travel to other regions of Quebec
  • Embrace the volunteer framework.