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Free group mentoring for entrepreneurs in the biofood sector. 


Would you like the opportunity to discuss an immediate need, break out of isolation, and be heard without judgement? How about accessing a mentor’s entrepreneurial experience to motivate you and prompt reflection?

Do you dream of growing as an entrepreneur, connecting, and being inspired and challenged by a network of people whose entrepreneurial values are like yours?

In collaboration with Réseau Mentorat, MAPAQ is happy to offer free group mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs under 40 in the bio-food industry.


Group mentoring allows you to:

Acess a new network

Benchmark your practices, without judgment

Benefit from a source of mutual support

Harness a source of collective intelligence


Group Mentoring

Our offer

Based on the profiles of the under-40 eligible entrepreneurs, groups of 8 to 10 participants are formed.

8 two-hour meetings per year on a variety of topics (business context and environment, well-being of the entrepreneur, interpersonal relationships, etc.).

1 workshop with an expert on a topic of the group’s choice.

1 networking activity



For more information, contact : Mélanie Bordeleau

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Be under 40 years old;
  • Hold at least 1% of the company's shares;
  • Have been in the business for 5 years at most;
  • Working in the bio-food field, whether in agricultural processing or production;
  • Not have already benefited from a group mentoring service offered under a grant agreement between the Minister and the Beneficiary.

What is group mentoring?

Group mentoring is at the intersection of co-development, communities of practice, and business clubs. 

The flexible formula for mentor-guided meetings allows you to:

  • Express your immediate needs as an entrepreneur;
  • Reinforce your entrepreneurial strengths;
  • Promote your well-being as an entrepreneur.


Mentorat de groupe

Our mentors have been through it before

Mentors put their experience to good use by enlightening you and helping you better assess situations and develop your entrepreneurial skills.  They provide avenues for reflection that allow you to take the right actions and apply the correct decisions.  Through the meetings, mentorship allows you to take time for yourself, to get through difficult times, and to vent when needed.


“With group mentoring, I'm realizing that I can take my passion further. The sessions are extremely rewarding. We share all our successes, what we’re proud of, and what we worry about... we’re a family!
More importantly, we have the huge benefit of having direct access to a mentors’ experience.”

Elfi Maldonado, Chocolats Qantu and mentee