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10% off personality style evaluation



AtmanCo personality styles are designed to improve interpersonal relations and promote professional fulfilment. By using the language of psychometrics, organizations can help their teams better understand one another, foster collaboration, and improve group synergy.

Knowing your personality styles can significantly help with personal and professional development and meeting your full potential. You can use personality styles as a tool to:

  • Analyze your strengths, synergies, and challenges when collaborating in teams.
  • Better understand the group dynamics and motivational factors.
  • Strengthen connections and mutual trust.

AtmanCo invites you to prioritize your professional well-being today by getting to better know yourself and others. What is your personality style?

  1. Driven 
  2. Caring 
  3. Creative 
  4. Rigorous 
  5. Ambassador 
  6. Investigator 

For more information and to find out your personality style, visit the AtmanCo site.


About AtmanCo

AtmanCo believes that when organizations invest in their employees’ well-being, they have the greatest success. AtmanCo’s platform-talent seeks to boost people’s happiness at work by helping them better understand the strengths of relational dynamics.

As a company specializing in psychometric evaluation, AtmanCo has created the personality styles: an accessible language for better understanding psychometric interpretation.

Their evaluations help identify and predict people’s natural reflexes in communication, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict management, and many more areas.

By using personality styles as a psychometric language, organizations can help their teams better understand each other in a concrete way, while in a fun and compassionate setting.

Explore all their tools and learn more at

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