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Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation du Québec and the OSEntreprendre Challenge |

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Through a partnership in connection with the 24rd annual OSEntreprendre Challenge and the financial contribution of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation du Québec (MEI), one special prize has been made available at the regional level: the Young Entrepreneur Honorary Prize. The winners of these prizes and of the Successful Business Inc. Prize will also receive one free year of individual or group mentoring from Réseau Mentorat. Entrepreneurs may opt in or out of these services as they see fit.



What do the MEI-funded prize related to the OSEntreprendre Challenge consist of?

The special prize given out during the 24rd annual OSEntreprendre Challenge will be funded by the MEI and fall under the Plan d’action gouvernemental en entrepreneuriat (PAGE) for 2017–2022. The Quebec government plans to award $85,000 in prizes 
($5,000 per region).


What is the nature of the mentoring services offered by Réseau Mentorat? Who are they meant for?

The winners of this prize and of the Successful Business Inc. Prize are eligible to take advantage of one year of free individual and group mentoring services.


How do I go about obtaining free mentoring services from Réseau Mentorat?

Here is how to proceed if you are an awardee:

1. Find your local point of service:

  • There are more than 50 Réseau Mentorat points of service across Quebec. See the full list, available online, to find the contact information for your local coordinator who can provide you with more information on the services available (individual and/or group mentoring). They will guide you, step by step, through the registration process.

2. Become a member at

  • When asked “Are you a beneficiary of one of the following programs?” tick the box beside: OSEntreprendre Challenge « Prix Honneur jeune entrepreneur » or « Réussite Inc. ».
  • In the payment section:
    • If your point of service offers online payment, enter the promo code sent to you by email.
    • If your point of service does not offer online payment, you do not need a promo code. 


What is the cutoff date for signing up?

Winners have approximately one month to register with Réseau Mentorat. The specific deadline will be indicated in an email. After this date, if you still wish to make use of these free services, get in touch with the person in charge of special projects at Réseau Mentorat at the contact information below.


What if I am already a Réseau Mentorat member?

You have two choices: you can either have your current mentoring fees refunded or you can apply the amount against your renewal. In either case, please make sure to let the person in charge of special projects at Réseau Mentorat know. Their contact information is below.


What if you already have access to free mentoring services through another program?

These free services have no cash value. However, you may “bank” these services and use them when you renew your membership. To discuss your options, get in touch with the person in charge of special projects at Réseau Mentorat at the contact information below.


Why should I sign up for the Réseau Mentorat entrepreneurship mentoring program?

Mentoring is a great way to challenge your thinking, boost your motivation, guide you as move forward, make you feel like someone is there to listen and support you, inspire you to new levels of achievement, and encourage you to adopt a more agile approach to business. In Quebec, more than 2,000 entrepreneurs are currently teamed up with one of 1,150 Réseau Mentorat mentors through 55+ points of service.


Difference between mentoring, coaching and consulting

At Réseau Mentorat, the mentor-mentee relationship is a fundamentally human relationship between two business leaders. Mentors leverage their experience and insight to help mentored entrepreneurs develop their business skills and enhance their professional well-being. In contrast, coaching and consulting are both compensated activities that are based on a professional relationship, with the deliverable being the successful attainment of predefined goals and the resolution of identified problems.


The type of mentoring services offered through Réseau Mentorat

Réseau Mentorat’s mentors are TRAINED VOLUNTEERS. Their goal is to work with the HUMAN behind the BUSINESS. They draw on their EXPERIENCE, their INSIGHT and their ANALYTICAL STRENGTHS to support business owners in their efforts to improve their ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS and their PROFESSIONAL WELL-BEING.



To get your promo code, apply the promotion to your renewal or ask about anything else concerning entrepreneurship mentoring, contact Marianne Lefebvre, Special Projects Coordinator, at or 1-800-661-2160.

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